Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dad's Birthday!

So, today is my dad's Bday celebration. We've got quite a few things planned, hopefully he does not suspect anything. K is bring PiƱa Colada (virgin) fixings over later today. And tomorrow my mom's friend is bringing over a cake that she made. We also have some kind of chocolate dessert for today.

I wrote a lot last night, while watching the movie. Yes, I managed to focus and laugh at the same time. It helped, because now my Scarred Hearts main dude is fully recovered, or at least he is recovering.

I read 3 books yesterday! When Dad heard me say that, he says: "Congratulations! You read 3 books today? That's how many I read in my lifetime!" That's actually quite funny, I know my dad has never been much of a reader. Not so much my mom either. My sister (the one writing a book about our life) was the one to get me hooked on reading. She just handed me one of her books one day, and I was sold.

I have come to the conclusion that once I finish this next chapter for Scarred Hearts, I will not need any further chapters. Just my original epilogue. I will have completed my goal! xD #SYTYCW15 has officially become the greatest challenge I have ever taken on, aside of my Goodreads 2015 reading challenge (which is back at the original number of books I had wanted to read this year, but it is likely to go up again).

Well, that is all for now. I've gotta go. I want to get a little more writing in before I go to morning prayer. See you all later!

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