Saturday, August 1, 2015

"You Are A Winner!"

So, last night I was browsing around all of my Net bookmarks, when I came across a giveaway I had been entering every single day for a month.  I won! Well, I am one of the several winners. Here is a screen-shot of the BIG prize list (because there were more on the list, but these were the bigger prizes). I blacked out the names of the other winners.

Now, I did not notice this until a moment ago, but I spelled my name wrong in one of the entries that is what Haddasah H. looks a little strange, LOL.
For the past twelve hours (with the exception of sleeping for nine hours), I have been pulling together a cart FULL of books to spend the $25 A. Gift Card on, for when the gift card is sent to me, which will be this week. Which means I can film an Book Unboxing/Haul video? Hmm . .

Also, to top the AWESOME day off . . . well not really. My mom and I are going to bring the "unclaimed" puppies to the mall to find homes for them. (My dad already had a home for 4 puppies, and then 8 came, which we were not expecting.) I have not spoken about them in a while, but I guess I was grieving? I love dog and puppies, and I do NOT want to give any of them away. BUT I live in a very LARGE household, and we already have the three BIGGER dogs.
Well, that is all I am going to say for now. I have to go change out of PJ's so that I can leave. Blessing to you all, and I will see you later! Ciao!

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