Monday, August 24, 2015

Writing, 1D, Pirates of the Caribbean, and More Books!

I've been back at writing for an hour now. My sister got off at 5:30 on the dot today, because I gave my laptop to her right at 2pm. I've got all of my 1D albums on shuffle, and I feel rather motivated to keep writing. This is probably old news, but its new news to me because I only found out today. Orlando Bloom has been confirmed for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales!!!! xD I'm so excited! I mean, I was excited to learn about the fifth movie, but now I might lose control. Oh, and Brenton Thwaites is cast for the movie too. I look forward to seeing it, though it is possible that I won't.

Yeah, when the fourth movie came out, my mom was not impressed, and she had liked the first three movies, to an extent. If I don't see it, that's okay because I just like the fact that there is a fifth movie at all.

#StoryOfMyLife - Everyday, I dread being called to the garage, only to be told that my dog has a bunch of ticks/fleas in his fur. I'm already told enough by my step-mother (because she does not like the dogs in general), I do not need all 15 kids telling me too. x( It's getting to become beyond annoying.

And my Amazon order just arrived!!!! xD Literally, just now my brother walks in from being out and he placed a big package in my lap. All five books that I had ordered on Amazon. I bought them used, but they are in excellent condition! Yes, the spine of one book shows signs of ware, but they are excellent condition. Two are hardcovers and I don't remember ordering hardcover, but who cares!

That is all for now. I've got some more writing to do, and it's dinner time. I will see you on the flip-flop later! Ciao!

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