Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WiFi, Books, Wattpad, Boy Bands. . . Me.

So, I am reading this AMAZING book that is originally from Wattpad. I friggin' follow the author forever, and I cannot believe that I never read her book. I mean, I read one of them, halfway through, and forgot to go back to it. I will not go into detail. If you follow me on GoodReads, I update my reading progress every few minutes, depending how long I plan to be reading at that moment.

I am also reading another book that will soon hit the market, and I am so engrossed in it that I keep forgetting plug my laptop in! "You battery has reached 10%."

So, to explain why this morning post is a bit late going live is because the WiFi was being a total butt at 7am, all the way until 9:00.

I am creating a new favorites list/post for this week so that I can share the new books I have been reading. And I have noticed that I have been able to read without stopping at scrambled letters on the page. The past couple days have been dyslexia free, thank the Lord. I've been whizzing through books without any problems. I even have been able to write a bit more normal. When I go back to check what I've done, I don't see anything out of place. ☺

Boy bands. Who does not like boy bands? I love them, but I make an effort not to have no control. I am particular about which bands I listen to, and I have been writing this post for well over an hour. I am just gonna post and see you all later. LOL

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