Wednesday, August 26, 2015

UNO Game: New Record

Just came out of another UNO game, which lasted over and hour in one round. It was so funny; eventually we just had to forfeit because we were at a dead-end. K is here again, he came this morning, and J is staying the night again. Now, supposedly there is to be a hurricane hitting tonight, so they might be stuck here.

I did not get much accomplished today . . . In terms of reading/reviewing and my writing. But today was an exception to the rule, since it was a birthday. Tomorrow I will be right back on track. I am not going to make this post very long, because I have a movie that the gang wants to watch, and it only works with my laptop. So, I may not be on much longer. I am just going to finish my usual night routine, and then get some water, and then watch Do You Believe?

So, yeah, that is all for now. God bless you all, and I will see you tomorrow. Ciao!

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