Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Reader Haven

Readers, how many of you enjoy a good rainy day, filled with nothing, but books? I've got several books that I have yet to read (many that had arrived yesterday) and today seems perfect for them. My plans is to finish writing this chapter for Scarred Hearts and then, after two o'clock comes around, I will pick up where I left off in Between the Lines by Jodi Piccoult & Samantha Van Leer. (One of the books from my Amazon GC order) I really like it so far, much better than I had anticipated.

I have a new review (part of a blog tour) on my book blog. So, if you would like to see that, click Haddie's Haven above in the pages. One of the authors (whose book was promoted on that blog) contacted me and wanted to thank me for putting her book on my blog. I'm touched that she took the time to thank me (whether it was just me, or maybe she thanked other bloggers too).

J is coming back this evening, and he will be staying until Thursday, in honor of my brother's 12th birthday. I hope he don't mind the rain, because we is in a bit of a tropical storm. It's not so bad. Granted, the lights went out briefly right as I was posting the blog tour review. I got it up and shared just in the knick of time.

It is another late morning. I did not even eat breakfast yet, and my body is starting to show the aftermath of that. So I really need to get back in the full breakfast swing. I do not think my body is very happy with me about that. :s

Well, as today is Tuesday, I'm on the cooking chart to make lunch. (Who does not like charts? I cannot go without them.) I also think I have some more books I have to finish reading by  . . . I put a personal deadline, though some of these books have a later deadline than the one I give myself. It helps me get things done. Granted, while doing homeschool, my mom would give me a week to get assignments done, but that never worked for me.

A signed copy of Daughter of Lions by Catherine Banks is coming my way! xD My first signed book, that is so rad! (Yes, I am going through a phase of saying rad)

Well, that is all for now. I have 300+ words to write into this chapter so, see y-all on the flip-flop!

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