Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"The Puppies Have Gotta Go." - I Might Blow Up.

My parents are getting a little fed up with the puppies. It's not my fault no one in Puerto Rico wants to take on.
They keep crying to be held, and I DON'T have eight (8) arms to hold all of them at the same time. Worse, my dog Spike has been getting much older and showing signs that he might be ready to go soon. He keeps trying to get my attention, and I can't give it to him because I am always busy taking care of the puppies! :(  I love the puppies, and I still wish I could keep them all.
Over the last few days, my mother and I have called every local pet store and animal shelter possible, to see if they could help us find the puppies homes. The only place left is the humane society, and the only thing they do is put animals down. I DON'T WANT that. I don't know what to do, and every time I post pictures of the puppies on my Instagram, the only people interested in taking a puppy are the people in the States.

I live in Puerto Rico! The people here do not want to take in another dog. They already have four and five, or even ten dogs living in their homes. Everything that has happened over the last couple weeks has been nothing but "I can't stand them anymore! When are we giving them away?!" or "Those dogs are causing nothing, but trouble. Let's send them all to the pound!" Doesn't anyone care what happens to dogs when people send them to the pound?! When the pounds has too many dogs, they start killing the older dogs to make space in the kennels.  Which means that is the puppies went to the pound, if they don't get adopted by people who have compassion, they will become the next victims and will lose the chance to have a home! x'(

I did warn you that I might blow up. Quite frankly, it was bound to happen. I apologize that it had to be you to see it. My mom always said I had the habit of speaking and understanding animals. Which is true. I just always know what they want. I can look at Spike, the old dog who is loved by no one else in the house, and see that he just wants someone to be near him. Yes, Spike is only under the roof because of a promise my dad made to an old neighbor. My dad is compassionate when it comes to other people's pets, but apparently not our own. I mean, he likes Bella because she alerts him when people come to the house. And he likes Bruno because we can't say no to him. Spike was living all alone in the neighbor's empty house, with no food and water for who knows how long. When we took him in last year, we didn't think he was going to live another two years, but he is. I rehabilitated Spike. He's probably never had anyone love him the way I have been doing so faithfully over the past two years. Whether anyone else likes to see it or not, Spike has become part of the family, and I don't know how I will react when he goes. 

Dogs are my peeve, always have been and always will be. 

Again, sorry for blowing up. I just had to get it out somewhere. New posts coming later today, and awesomeness coming to my review blog. See you all later, and God bless! ♥ 

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