Thursday, August 20, 2015

#SYTYCW15 Update . . . I'm on mushrooms . . .

LOL, no I'm not! I mean, yes, I ate a delicious mushroom gravy. xD I'm full of puns at the moment, but I'm not going to go all out and write a post of them. Or will I?

I'm just getting back on after letting my sister finish her tasks of the day. I typed 940+ words today, so I am not entirely behind. I just want to get to 1.5k before the end of the night. If I get more, great. The plan is to type 4.5k (more or less) for the next (three) chapters until I meet my final goal.

Anyone else notice that Demi Lovato went from rising like a skyscraper, to crashing down like an avalanche? O.O Yeah, decipher that one for a moment.

I've been writing very SHORT posts today. What the heck? Whatever, it don't matter. Tomorrow is a new day.
I will see you all again soon! God bless!

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