Friday, August 14, 2015

#SYTYCW15 #LoveInspired - Preparations, Editing, Bonus Chapters

Hey guys, I apologize for the suck-weed posts today. Its been an odd day, and I have been so wrapped up in this SYTYCW thing that I am just being forgetful. I am trying to get the extra writing in, to have the 50-55K words. I mentioned on Twitter that I am at 33K+, so I do not have far to go, and I have already written 3.1K words, in the past 24hrs. So I am on a roll. Over the weekend, I hope to have more words, and I am loving writing Scarred Hearts again. I had "finished" that story a few months ago. I never would have thought that I would want to enter this contest, but I know it will be a great experience, and it will help me push my writing limits. Harlequin, Love Inspired, that is my category. I did not know they had a category for my style writing, and I am so glad about that.

I've literally got an online word-count thing open. I have never felt so confident about my writing. I mean, I have been confident about it as I love what I write, but this is quite a sensation. I feel that I could go pretty far in this contest. I mean, I was a Wattys2013 finalist, for crying out loud. When I told my mom about being a finalist, her eyeballs popped out of her head. ". . . I never knew that!" she said. And we were driving in the car, so imagine the car jolting, only slightly. Being a finalist was quite an experience. The thing is, I was not entirely confident about the story I entered in the Wattys2013. It was poorly written, a crossover, mixed, fan-fiction and it was my . . . I think it was my fourth story I had ever written. First to be completed, but fourth to start writing.

You readers are probably wonder "Why is she writing this blog post when she should be adding to her word count?" Let me just answer that question before anyone says it. I am adding words, I've not stopped. Just a short break every three minutes to write this post. I think I will have this bonus chapter ready to post, at the latest, tomorrow morning. I am flying on inspiration right now, so I think it will take a lot more than a short time blogging to stop me from writing this book.

I have to say that I have many authors that inspire and motivate me as I aspire to write the way they do. I read my new book this afternoon (yes, the whole book) and Jenni James encouraged me, because The Twelve Dancing Princesses was not such a big book, and it did not bog me down. I like her work because her books come out to around . . . 200 pages (The Faerie Tale Collection at least, because I did not read her Jane Austen Diaries series yet). That is a smallish book, as far as novels goes. Most readers would prefer longer chapters, and longer books, but I like short chapters. That's just my style.

Well, I am off to go make a few rounds of popcorn, for the family who is watching a movie. I will be joining them after the popcorn is done. But I am also going to try and write some more. See you all in the morning. God bless you.

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