Monday, August 3, 2015

Plans For 100th Post!

Good morning! It is 10:16am, and it has just hit me that I am ONE post away from 100 posts, here on this blog! I don't know what I will post about, but I think it should revolve around a celebration. I regret that I do not have means to host any personal giveaways, so that will not be an option at the moment.
Maybe I should write something random? Ooh! I could post a little short story . . . NAH! That would mean stopping everything else on the stove to put a new pot. (Metaphor) I've got quite a bit going on, and I have posts for my review blog that I am writing ahead of their posting date(s) so that I am on time.
I will definitely make a banner of some sort.

On the other note, I've got so many cool posts coming up for my review blog. There is a series review tour, a few book blitzes, some cover reveals, and some giveaways! The giveaways are included in the blitzes, and are prepared by the people I receive posting resources and content from.

A new resource site I am looking at is - I have only just begun to look through their content, but I like what I have seen and I will be trying to receive content from them in the future. Also, MANY of my favorite bloggers are listed in the tour hosts, so I applied to become a host, because I like the challenge, and it will give me something to work hard for deadlines.

Xpresso Book Tours

Well, that is all for now. Keep an eye out for post #100! Ciao!

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