Monday, August 31, 2015

Nearing 4.5K - #SYTYCW15 #LoveInspired

K is here, filming a sketch with some of my siblings.

I managed to write 3.7k+ words this morning, and I am so very happy with myself. I hope I will get this chapter done by tonight, and post it straight away, or tomorrow morning. I can do this, writing is easy for me . . . now, anyways.

I am now on book four of that zombie series O.O sheesh! That friggin' last part of book three has me on speed. Ren, the girl in the book, has just been infected, purposely to get Finn to help regain the East, as they call it. Great read, awesome suspense and steamy romance. I like it.

Well, I was planning to make this post extra LONG, but my younger sister is calling for attention and should I chose to ignore her, my step-mother will never let me hear the end of it. (Because that's how she is)

God bless you all. Keep a look out for that new chapter, and I will see you again soon. Ciao!

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