Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Writing Muse

So, I decided to elaborate on something that helps me write. It is not something I turn to all the time, but it definitely helps. I have this journal that I used to keep. Somethings happens, and I stopped writing in it. Around six months ago, I picked it back up, but with a different approach. Instead of writing about what I did in the day (because I do that on my blog now :D) I have this ongoing, poetic-like, shorty story that I've been writing. It's got nothing to recommend itself, other than the fact that it is just me rambling random things on paper. It is just me throwing ideas to the paper, hoping it will stick. The story is scattered, with no point, so I would have to really WORK to get it molded into readable material.

I managed to do more typing today. I found my muse again, as I pointed out earlier. I need to catch up, but I have faith that I will get these last few chapters finished. I am determined to have it finished in time.

That is all for now, I will see you all tomorrow. J is still here, so I think he will be staying over again. K left before lunch. Ciao!

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