Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Writing Goals And Other Things You Did Not Know About Me - Prepare For A LONG Post. (Part Two)

. . . I know that I have two . . . okay, three stories that I have written, I based one of the characters after a very good friend of mine. I will not put names, but this friend knows about this. Anyways, I know that I based these character on this friend, but I did not realize I had done it until after I was finished with those stories. I only started to take notice of those characters (in particular) when I went back to read my accomplishment and I ended up saying to myself: "Wow, that sounds very much like so and so!" I later learned why I had done it without thinking, and I will not go into that, because it just will bring up some old things that should remain buried.
I often say that Wattpad is my escape. I like the feeling logging in and looking to see what's new, and I love decorating my profile (which I have not done in a while, because I am pretty happy with my current icon and header over there).

I continuously mention that I am dyslexic. Well, let me just say that it took a lot LONGER to write this second part than it did to write the first part. And I thought it would have more details. But anywho, I don't care.

I also would like to share a book trailer I just watched (Harry Styles *sigh*) The girl who did it is AMAZING! Check it out -

I am close to tears, this was so amazingly edited, and I wish I had such skills. I used to make my own book trailers, but my video editor sucks, so I had to stop. If I decided to use the program again, my laptop would die, literally. But I just added that story to my Wattpad library so that I can read it.

Well, if I have sudden urge to post a fourth time, you know I will. See you all next time. And don't forget to watch that trailer. ♥♥♥

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