Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Writing Goals And Other Things You Did Not Know About Me - Prepare For A LONG Post. (Part One)

So, it seems that I am back really quick, but I thought for this post I would share some writing goals, as well as a few details about my writing process and/or life off-line. So, here ye here ye!

My main writing goal I have for myself is to just write as much as I can. Growing up, writing was NEVER my best subject. I hated it, and I never wanted to get better at it. I despised the very mention of having to do an assignment, and it just made me miserable. It was my younger sister (the one who was born a year after me) who encouraged me. She is the one who recommended Wattpad to me, or rather she mentioned it and I got curious. I was already on my way to becoming an addicted reader, so I figured I would probably find something that tickled my fancy. I read a lot of "over-done" kind of stories, and they are usually my top favorite.

Over my five years of being active on Wattpad, I have found many stories that I enjoyed, some that I cannot even find anymore, because the author(s) left the site or something. I have had three personal Wattpad accounts, of which two I use additively. I used to co-own three other accounts, of which one I deleted, because it was my email we had used to activate it, and it never went anywhere (which I am really sad about, because I had been trying to co-write with many people, and they all backed-out of the deal without saying a word). I still have the other two accounts, but they are inactive because I am trying to get word from the co-owners. I also run #HashtagMagazine, and I am co-owner of Bellemagazine, both on Wattpad. Lastly, the reason I had 3 personal accounts is because I had one back in 2010, and I closed it to start over, thus creating MLHarper22 (which is linked in the pages above), and then  two years ago, I opened HaddieHarper (also linked above as Wattpad) My intentions for these two accounts is to keep my different works separated. I am mainly on HaddieHarper most of the time, because that is my baby. All of my Christian works are on that account, and that is the route I would prefer to take in my writing career.

 I have often mentioned that my motto is: Write to write, and L♥VE what you write. How can write something that you don't love? Well, the stories I write are because it is what I love to write about. I love reading about people who had something impact their life in such a way that it caused them to make changes for the better. I love reading about young love, but not just young love, I mean like puppy-love. (Let me not forget to mention fan-fiction, because I love fan-fiction. One Direction, specifically.)

I have thought about just deleting MLHarper22 all together, but I have so much going on with that account that I feel like I would be losing way too much. It is too much of a risk to delete that account, so I am leaving it there. I will finish my stories that are posted there, and leave it like that. I do not have many plans to post new stories there, and the new ones that I already started will be main priority. I put a lot on my plate, I know.

As I often mention, I live in a house full of people. 20, to be exact, and the majority are my siblings. Let's not forget the horse, and the three dogs. (There used to be 2 horses, the 8 puppies, and a pet duck.) Imagine what you life would be like, if it were like that. Well, I hate to break it to you, but you are missing out. Life is NEVER dull here, and there is always something going on. Granted, I do have to wait patiently for my turn to go in the car (because I don't drive yet. 22, and I don't drive), but there is always something going on. I am more of the quiet girl in the corner, seen, but never heard. Some would take that the wrong way, but that is just me, and I am more talkative behind a computer screen.

On top of all that, my sister (the one who got me hooked to Wattpad), uses my laptop to do her on-line life, because her laptop passed away drastically a little over a year ago. Because she is ACTUALLY trying to publish a book, I am willing to let her use my laptop. I have a high respect for my sister, the one who would read college books at age ten (yes, that is how epic her skills were at such a young age). Sis, if you pass by this blog, now you know how much I respect you and your advice. I often go to her when something fun happens, or when I need writing advice.

I bring out a lot of my life-style in my writing. Everything I have ever written about has been based on something I witnessed, or read about. Some of my stories are based on day-dreams, or are out of pure delusion of a sick girl (I wrote my story, Saved, in three days, while being sick in bed. And I posted the story in those same three days.) Boom, just goes to show how creative I can be, even when sick in bed.

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