Friday, August 21, 2015

My Sister's Words: Why Are All Of Our Friends Guys?

She's only just noticed. I mean, sure, two of our guy friends are here today. Funny thing, today is like hotter than snot, right? And my sister was sitting my laptop, doing her daily work, and our friend walked through the room right as she shouted: "Why is it so hot, all of a sudden?!" And he replies: "It's because I'm here." We just started laughing! It was just so random that we just laughed. Now, We don't only have guy friends, its just that all the girls are off at school or moved the the States to get jobs.

LOL So, everyone is gathered around the table to pray for dinner. My mom has to go shopping soon, so there is a bit of a suck-weed dinner. (Sorry, but that expression has been around in my house for two decades) We've got so many people at the table!! So much laughter! One of the cool things about guy friends, they bring the party. Honestly, I will take a guy friend over a girl any day. (no offense)

Anyways, lots of fun going on, and I've got some writing to do (because I'm slacking off). Be joyous and merry. God bless you.

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