Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Eyes Are So Irritated!

My allergies decided to kick in today. To cover it up, I did my make-up, which I rarely do because my skin is very sensitive. So, aside of an itchy nose, my eyes are watery and irritated from the shadows.

I'm supposed to be watching the youngest of the boys (the one-year brat-brother, he was not always a brat. He's the youngest. Imagine.), but my other sister said she would watch him for a bit until I got some stuff done. I don't know if the brother's mom realizes the amount I have on my plate and all that I am attempting to get done before the end of September.

I'm on low sugar levels at the moment. My mom went out to buy groceries, because the cupboards are totally bare. So, there is nothing I can snack on to fix this headache and wobbly knees. Hopefully she will be back soon.

I'm only 500 words away from finishing this chapter. xD I'm really happy with it. I still have a strong feeling that I can get this done by the deadline . . . in September. And I still have faith that I will go pretty far in the contest. I am prepping my final manusript by faith. Whether I am chosen for the final round, or not, at least I learned how to deal with the pressures of a deadline, and learned how to write X-amount of words in one month.

I used to want to join Wattpad's #JustWriteIt, but because my sister uses my laptop for over a year or more, I did not think I would get to do it. Being 22 does not always have it's benefits, especially when you still live under your folks' roof. Not that it is bad, I just sometimes wish I could close the door and work for hours. I sit at the dining room table as my work station.

I managed to read one page of each of the books I am reading. Not much, I know, but I've not got much time. It's a lot that I am doing in one month. Did I mention today that I am quite forgetful? Well, I am. I hope I don't get anymore surprise e-ARCs in my email.

That is about all for now. I don't know if I will post again, but this makes two posts anyways. God bless you, and I will see you all soon! Ciao!

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