Monday, August 10, 2015

More Books! More Carbs!

So . . . . . I am sitting at the dining table, in my usual spot, eating a HUGE bowl of pesto-pasta! xD Girl has gotta eat her calories, let me tell you. I have to eat A LOT just to get through the day. If you thought I said my dyslexia was bad, hypoglycemia is neither worse, nor better. Let me just say that I never actually believed that I had either of those things, and I still don't let myself believe it. God has been faithful to me and my family, my entire life. Why should I doubt that He will not be faithful now? Exactly.

I've got more book blitzes to post tomorrow, so keep an eye open for those. I've also got some new reviews coming up. If you would like to see my reading progress, follow my reviews on Goodreads.
I update my reading status often, and you will see how I react to EVERYTHING. I had very funny reactions to the recent book I was reading (Everealm - Everealm #1). For those of you who did not catch it, the gifs I had posted a couple days ago? The ones I was using to fantasize about certain book characters/scenes? Yeah, those were for this book. For an adult-fantasy, I quite enjoyed it.

Speaking of books I enjoy, I dare you to CLICK HERE, and I double-dare you to CLICK HERE.
*sneaky grin*

Oh! I won another book today. I will not go into detail, because I have to go mop the floors . . .

Also, CLICK HERE. I LITERALLY just stumbled onto this, and I learned something very cool

I will see you again next time! Ciao, and God bless! ♥

P.S. I just received another cool book tour-ish email for tomorrow so . ..  Yeah.

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