Sunday, August 23, 2015

Listening To "Old" Tunes With The Boys

So, my brother and J are sitting at the table, right next to my work station. My brother never fails to get his friends to sit down and draw. I remember, a few years ago, before my family moved out of that neighborhood, J would come over often. He lived right down the street. Now, in that neighborhood, there were two Js, same name. Both really cool dudes.

As an ex-tomboy, I used to run around with them, playing all the rough games, and being the best in our baseball games. I've changed a lot over the last . . . seven years. O.O Not only that, but I used to love being outdoors. Something must have changed my perspective, because now I only go to the outdoors to keep my dog quiet. I will be honest though, if out of necessity I need to get away, for whatever reason, I will sneak off and hide outside somewhere, with my notebook and pen, and write.

This all winds back down to the fact that guy friends are the best. No drama. Never a boring moment. And they laugh, you can't help laughing along with them. Which is probably why I like reading books with girl/guy best friends so much. I grew up with them. *shrugs*

I've got a new review posted on my book blog (you can click the page link). Not a very elaborate review, just my pure enthusiasm for the book itself. I've got several new posts going up in the next couple of days, so keep an eye for those. You will love them. :)

See you all later! I've got some typing to do.

(P.S. Totally forgot the main reason for the title of this post. J has his phone playlist on, and we are listening to songs that I have not heard since the last time we saw him.)

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