Friday, August 28, 2015

Late Night Means Late Morning

So, last night, after finishing a fantastic book, and posting the review, I went and joined J and K, my brothers, and a few sisters, to watch Iron Man 3. I must say that I expected it to be more. I loved the first movie. The second movie was meh, and I only watched that one partially. I think K is leaving soon, and J will be leaving this afternoon. What a week!

It's Friday again, that means I cook lunch. Which has already turned into a fight because one of my brothers wants to make the meal that I am making, but he makes dinner tonight. It is always a fight who get to make the chicken sausages. *shrugs*

I have added three (or four) more books to the currently reading list, but the reviews for those do not have to be posted right away. So I am going to get a move on the box set review, that I got an extra week for. I owe it to the author to stay true to my word and Nazarea Andrews is an amazing writer.

My writing is going good, I wrote quite a bit yesterday (while reading, which is easy for me, for some reason). But I am trying to make my posts a few days (at most five) apart. Listening to Teen Writers Publish podcast has been helping me in the writing area. And the one before last spoke about posting schedules. Now, I cannot determine a definite posting schedule, but I am trying.

YA seems to be my writing strength. With my book Strong, I am trying to incorporate elements that would draw in and broaden my reading audience. I am not going to add MATURE elements, I feel that I am not equipped to write such content, nor do I intend to. That's not the example I want to give in my writing. However, I do know how to give the impression of some elements, so I might do that.

"You were with who last night?" "Jared." "OH! Tell me all about it!"

See? I can do that. ;) I do have this one story, though I have yet to work on it for months, that has a mature-ish plot, but not so much that it would be repulsive. I am very cautious with my writing, and I do not wish to make people uncomfortable with it.

I know that my reading has expanded, I now enjoy NALit, and I am quite interested in such books, though I still skip a lot to not frazzle myself.

Well, that is all for now. I've gotta go get a move on lunch (because it takes a lot to feed and armada like this. I will see you all later. God bless.

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