Thursday, August 13, 2015

Good evening lovely readers!

I am just sitting at the dinner table, headphone on high, blasting my writing playlist (currently playing Tay Swiftie's Wildest Dreams), whilst coming up with bonus chapters for my book Scarred Hearts. Because this is the story I entered in to the #SYTYCW Harlequin contest on Wattpad. I just want to see how well it does in the competition. I would like to see how high it goes. If I get to the top thirty, or even the top twenty, I will be satisfied. I was a Wattys2013 finalist, so I am pretty confident about this story going pretty far.

I am trying to get Scarred Hearts up to 50-55k words. Today, alone, I was able to write 1k words, which is more than I normally do in three days. I am going to try and make the bonus chapters 3-4k words. Or even 5k words, which would be better. So, that means the story is going to go on, with more events that lead up to the epilogue. I am going to post the bonus chapters (bonus in the title and the chapter number in parenthesis) in between the last chapter I posted and the epilogue.
Guys! I have added some information to my graphics website, concerning services, but I am still working out a payment system. Or a bartering system. Because trade for labor worked in years past, why should it not work now? Click the Harper Art page on this blog if you would like to see the changes.

Guys, I have such great plans for the Rescued book. I edited it, somewhat, and I am working to get the third installment written so that you can read it before the complete book starts posting.

Guys, to be honest, I would probably only publish my books to put them on my personal bookshelf. I write what I want to read, so it would make sense. ;)

Well, that is all for today. I hope you are all in good health. God bless you, you're beautiful, and I will see you all tomorrow! Ciao!

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