Wednesday, August 19, 2015

EntangledPub (Crush) Is The Coolest!

Well, they are one of the coolest publishing presses. I just love how they make books (though from different authors) look like they were all meant to be in a series. I've three book that I am currently reading from Entangled Crush. If you love contemporary, light-hearted themes, these are for you. I will be posting a review for each of them as soon as I finish reading, one of which will be this week.

I like to write my reviews as I go along. I've actually added a GoodReads widget to both of my blogs, so you guys can see what I am currently reading and you can see my little fangirl moments as I read them. The one on this blog is underneath the blog archive section on the sidebar, just to help you find it faster. xD

I've been goofing around with the design of my blog(s), so you might notice it changing now and then. OH! Be sure to look at the new review I posted this morning. You can either click the page button at the top of my blog, or if you feel a bit lazy, CLICK HERE

I've got 4.5K more words to start on today. But I am glad that I have read nearly half of a book (out of the nine I am reading) last night, and I am reading a little more this morning. Which I should be doing right now.

However, I have concreted a routine for myself. I blog in the morning; check my email(s) and share my posts from Haddie's Haven. Update my GoodReads lists, check out the freebies from Amazon emails. All while cleaning the garage, greeting Spike, typing a bunch of imaginative words, and reading three books at once. :)

Well, that is all for this morning. I've got lots coming up over the next week(s) so keep your eyes open. I will see you all later today! Bye!

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