Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back In The Game, The Writing Game (Afternoon Post)

I am so close to 50K words that I now have not doubt that I will get this book finished by the deadline. Not only is my book at 4k reads, but many readers have been adding the book to their reading lists! \o/ =^-^= I am so happy with this book, I cannot even begin to express it.

I managed to write a lot today, much more than I have in the past week. (Not entirely my fault, its been a busy week, filled with lots of fun and visitors.) My writing slump has disappeared almost completely, and I think it is because I read a few new books (that do not reflect on what I am trying to write at all), and they helped me to take a break from what I was aiming for. As it is Sunday, I have the entire day to stick to my writing, with the exception of an occasion pause to read one of the 9 books on my currently reading list.

I think J's parents are going to come get him this evening. It feels normal that he is here, almost like he is one of us.

Well, I have to get back to work. I've got flow right now and I don't want to stop it. See you later!

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