Sunday, August 30, 2015

Author Freak Out Moment

J's folks are here to pick him up, but knowing them they will not be leaving just yet. They will probably stay for dinner and then leave. J will be returning later in September, for my other brother's b-day, and then again in October for his birthday. Lots of plans in the next couple months :3

Anyways, I've been interrupted one too many times in the middle of writing, so I've only written . . . 2K words, I think. I am aiming to get to 3K before the day is out. . . But tomorrow starts school at home. So I have to really work hard to get things going faster. My step-mom (one of them) will be taking full advantage of my babysitting services, but the bad thing is that the only payment I get is five minutes of peace and quiet. I've not really announced my writing goal for September, so I am gonna have to say something so that they know that I am writing and not just blogging.

You see, that step-mother is also trying to write a book, and when she heard that I have been putting myself out there, she's been trying to step up her game. It's not a bad thing, but she always gets like that, even when she sees other peoples novels that are sitting in front of her, she gets frustrated. My dad told her to just write the book, but she still gets doubts.

Yes, life with three mothers is weird, but I'm used to it because I have lived this way since I was a young child. Long story, and I am not too good on familiar detail.

Well, I just wanted to post this and get right back to work. See you all tomorrow . . . erm, or whenever I get time to post again. God bless you, ciao!

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