Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Movie Worth Watching

Good morning! So last night, my family was watching Do You Believe? \o/ WOW! That was amazing! Such an impact, and well done! It is so hard to find a good Christian film down here, and that one. . . It was worth watching.
I managed to add more words last night, I am not at 4.5k xD I'm very happy that I did not stop. I am that much closer to 5k.

I've got quite a few things coming up on my book blog. I'm in a few blog tours, I've got some new reviews coming up. I even have some books that I am reading NOW, to have a review before the end of this month, Sept. and Oct. Imagine that. But I've got a handle on them, and I have been reading each of them when I get time. Sundays are my best day to do all that stuff. Its the one day my sister does not use my laptop.

I really hope to finish these chapters before the deadline in September. I feel that I can do it, but there is that slight doubt because I am limited to time on my laptop during the week. I've made the word count my main focal point. If I am unable to finish, I can always try again next year, with the same story or a different one.

That is all for now. I've got more typing to do, and my family has a visitor coming in about half an hour. I'm not dressed for the day yet, but I had to get this up. My inner clock is still out of whack.

God bless you all. Have a pleasant day, and I will see you on the flip-flop!

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