Friday, July 3, 2015


Hello! So here is an update on some of the stories I will be updating! 

The covers below are my new series of short stories, Rescued. You all know about "Saved", and a lot of my readers have been begging me to continue the story. I did try to make the story go longer, but it did not work out. But in my drafts I had saved a project that would make the story continue. I have already posted the first part of Believe, and I am nearly done with Part Two. ("Saved" and "Believe" are linked, so you can click them to go to the stories. Links for the other covers will be coming in a later post.)
So, yeah! What do you guys think? 
If you are not familiar with the story, click the cover for "Saved", and you will get my thought.  

 First in the Rescued Series I have always been the type to keep to myself. But there came a day when I couldn't take it any more, and did the one thing I never would've done. I accepted Christ into my life. "I tried to save him.....But in reality, Daniel saved me."

 SAVED PREQUEL (Rescued Series)
I've always watched her from afar, not because I liked her in any particular way. I just knew that she, one day, would meet Jesus and accept Him in her life. I did not know how God was working in her life, and I did not want to step in and mess with His plans. But if God sent me to step in, I would.

The following covers are not in any particular order, as of yet. I plan to work all those details out when I start writing them. I do believe that I will put "His Princess" and "Her Prince" at the end of the series. Because it just works in my head, and that is why they are kind of separated from the others. Comment below and tell me which story (title/cover) should go after "Believe". That is all for now! God bless you and see ya!


  1. I love the covers, Haddie. You're doing a great job of branding yourself. I hope to see you on Amazon soon. Thank you for being open with your faith and telling stories that this world needs to hear.

    1. Thank you! :D God willing, I will be on Amazon one day.