Saturday, June 20, 2015

Puppy Delivery?

Bella has not left her box all day. And just a short while ago she started to growl at Spike and Bruno for wanting to drink out of the water dish I was giving her. So, I think it's started! \o/ The long awaited day is finally beginning, erm. . . . The night is beginning. I am planning to try and stay up with my brother (who is actually Bella closer owner, because she was given to him as a present). I have been taking little notes, and I have a camera to record the action, if it happens tonight. That will possibly be my next video on my channel (Haddie's Haven), so keep an eye out for that, if it happens tonight. 

Also, everyone in my house is eating mangoes and coconuts at the moment. Because, we just got a bunch of both, so yeah. Tropical dinner tonight! Not really, because I did not eat dinner tonight. I usually have a snack before and after dinner. Well, that is all for now (took me 40 mins. to write this because I keep getting up and all that. So, God bless you. I will update again soon. Ciao!

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