Saturday, June 13, 2015

Haddie'sHaven - First Video Ideas

I have been thinking, if I am ever going to get the Haddie'sHaven Channel going, I am gonna need to at least have some ideas ready. So I thought I would just bounce a few ideas at you, and see which one strikes best. Which means, if anyone reads this post, please comment your thoughts. I would appreciate it.

Idea #1 - An introduction to Haddie's Haven, where I tell a little bit about me, what I like to do, etc.

Idea #2 - An Unboxing? I have entered quite a few giveaways, and they all involve me opening a box. There are no results for the one(s) I am keeping my eye on, not yet, so I hope to see them soon. Which brings me to my next idea . . .

Idea #3 - A giveaway, which would probably help get viewers, but I don't want people to feel that they have to watch my channel because they are gonna get something. I want people to watch because they want to. 

Idea #4 - Puppies Birth! Well, that would be a long and tiring video. I do not have a camera, but that would be an interesting way to start off Haddie'sHaven.

So those are my four ideas. I do not feel so bad that I do not have a fancy video editor. Reason: charlieissocoolike used WMM when he first started out, so . . . I'm a go for it. Also, he is an introvert just like me. And his video quality was not the best either. *British Accent* Charlie, your inspo for me. Please do not change who you :)

*normal voice* There is still the slight setback of finding a quiet place to film myself talking to absolutely nobody :3 I'll work it out. Sundays are the days I am most active, so my thought process will work better tomorrow . . . I think. . . :p I am such a dork, and I am happy to be extraordinarily optimistic about it. 

So, yeah, that is all for now. Thank you, everyone, who have taken a moment of their day to read this post. I basically was rambling, but thank you. :) God bless you all ♥

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