Monday, April 6, 2015


Okay, so I have been away for a while. Not just in posting, but I have also been away with a friend these past few days. It was a long weekend, and I enjoyed it. It felt good to get out; went to the beach twice, which is a long drive away from where I am currently living. But, I am being honest when I say that I love being back home. The familiar atmosphere is comforting and I feel more free to be myself because I am not trying to behave and have good manners. O.o

Anyways, not sure when I will get back on the posting train, but I will try my best. Keeping a blog is hard work.

Let's see, what is new?
I have recently started liking different styles of music. I do not prefer them, but I do like Tegan and Sara's song Closer. It has a catchy beat and their voices are unique. I still love country music and pop/rock. Those are always my favorites. Lucy Hale's album, Road Between, is my favorite country album so far. I still enjoy 1D; I have been trying to cut back on how much I listen to them lately, however. Too much of something is not always good. But I love all them boy bands. #SorryNotSorry

Movies I am enjoying right now are: Endless Love (which I saw at my friend's house for the FIRST TIME \o/) Romeo and Juliet (still watching it now and then) and I am awaiting the moment Jupiter Ascending is released to DVD so that I can see that one.

Alex Pettyfer phase is steeping back in. Endless Love has re-triggered the fascination of British accents. ♥♥♥

Well, that is all for now. I have things that need to get done. But I shall be back later. Arrivadercci! Ciao! God bless ♥

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