Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Crazy Dog!


So, yesterday my dog Bruno (Bruno Mars) decided that he was fed up and wanted some action.
Now, Bella is just ending her first doggie cycle, and let's just say my folks are not keen of having a littler of puppies running around. Mainly because there are so many of us, not to mention we also have two horses.
You get the picture? Puppies will just make things a bit more difficult, because I would not be able to handle giving them away when they are old enough.

Anyways, Bruno got his action last night, and in my younger brother's near panic, Bruno and Bella got "tied" together. APPARENTLY, this is normal when dogs perform a 'mating ritual' and the usual time is up to 
30 minutes. \o/ 
 I know, kinda nuts. BUt its normal doggie behavior. If I am lucky, I will get to keep Bella and Bruno, because the rumor around the house is that they are going to get rid of all 3 dogs. (Spike is 'fixed' so he is not taking part in this craziness.)

My mom then has me go to the vet clinic in town to ask for an estimated price to have Bella spayed. One problem; Bella and Bruno have been giving each other action quite a bit, there is the massive possibility that Bella will already be pregnant ( xD ) so we might need to forget fixing her all together for a while, at least until after she has the pups, if that even happens, I don't know.

I am rambling on and on about this, but hey! my dogs are part of who I am and I love them to death. they take a big part in my writing. In between writing and everything else that I juggle, my dogs call for my attention constantly. I try to spend as much time as I can with them.

Speaking of that! Bruno whines whenever Bella's attention is not on him. Every time I come around her, he starts flipping out! Now, I admit to admiring their little courtship, because it is friggin' adorable to watch. 

Well, that is all for now. I am gonna see if I can work up the courage to collaborate with Jacksgap's new video. I have missed every other time and this time I see it and  . . .  I am friggin' nervous!


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