Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sup Homies?

♥ Sup Homies? ♥

So, my Married To Louis [Louis Tomlinson FF] 

one chapter/epilogue away from completion.

I am so happy with how the story has panned out.

And all the amazing covers I have for the story! 

I a just gonna put them here so you can see them.

Some of them do say 'Miss Esther' as the author,

but that was before I decide to change my

pen-name. I will sub-text which covers I made.

Fro this cover up, I made.
Shows how much my graphics skills
have progress. 

So, yeah, that's the dealio with that story. Click any

one of the covers to read the story. :)

I was going to have the covers more organized,

but they would not cooperate.

Well, see y'all next time!!

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