Thursday, March 19, 2015



so, I have this idea (ANOTHER idea) for a story
series, and I think this will be something
absolutely fantastic!

you see, I was looking through my old school
stuff, and I found a bunch of notes on a history
report about women in piracy (female pirates).
i suddenly got inspired to make a bunch of covers
and matching book jackets to go with them.
Titles and descriptions written from scratch,
characters brought to life!
Basically, I have created a series that shall be
called: Women in piracy series.
there will be more than three books,
each about one female pirate in history.
there will also be two compilation books that
consist of three or more pirate characters.
to give you an idea of what i mean, here are
the covers I made the other night.


So, yeah, those are my inspo so far. as you can see
the covers are very similar for the reason of being
in the same series. they will not be in any special
order, or have historical order to them.
I would want people to just feel free to read about
their favorite female pirate, or their 
favorite pirate story. they are very VERSATILE
in this manner. well, I am off to do some mopping.
god bless you all! happy reading!

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