Monday, February 23, 2015


Cool new cover art by @chatoyant-  pretty awesome huh?

Well, I just wanted to share that art with you. I also have this little

sneak peek at another story. that SBTB FF

(Saved By The Bell Fan Fiction)

Please forgive the odd spacing between sentences.

 ~      *      ~

School has just let out; I cannot wait to get home. I walk through the

 crowded hallways, trying to get to my locker. 

Chad, who is standing there waiting, puts his hand on my locker, 

blocking me from getting in.

“Chad,” I say, exasperated. “Please let me get my stuff. 

Zack is taking me home before he goes back to work.”

“Last chance,” he says, pointing his index finger. 

“Come to the Max with me, and hang out. 

Have some fun just this once.”

“I already told you, I am busy after school most days.”

“Come on, Zoe! Give studying a break and have some fun. 

You might like it . . . You might even like me.”

I shove Chad out of the way and open my locker.

“Chad,” I say, pulling my backpack over my shoulder. 

“You are a great guy, and a fantastic friend, 

but Megan has me up against the wall when it comes to you. 

She cornered me in the girls’ locker room today.”

“Zoe,” he says, disappoint in his blue-green eyes.

“Look, I would love to go out with you, as more than a friend, 

but I can’t do it while Megan wants to go out with you. 

Wait until her mom transfers again, and then ask me. 

I also have a lot on my plate right now; 

dating is not on my schedule. 

With both my parents in nursing homes, 

everything feels upside down.”

“At least you are being honest,” Chad says before turning 

and walking away.

I sigh; every other week we have this same conversation.

 I almost gave in this time, because I really do like Chad. 

I just do not want to hurt him. 

In addition, I am still waiting to see how my advice 

to Megan works out. Chad might give Megan the 

discouraging push I need to step up and say yes.

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