Friday, December 19, 2014

xD okay

Hey,I’m Hadassah!
Okay, so here I am again!

I know that I have not posted in a while, but you know how it is when you are just too busy to sit down. 
I have not had much to say, nor do I really have any chapters coming at the moment. BUt i do have this cool cover/jacket for a comeback story :D
links coming soon!!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

I stink at blog updates

okay, so I am not gonna get all fancy with the HTML and just post this for you. I stink at blog posts, but I wanna keep a blog.

Anyways, the main reason I have not been posting is because I am BUSY a lot lately. With the three dogs and the two horses that have recently join the family, I barely get much time to anything net-wise. Having to Thoroughbred race champions is not an easy task, but not that difficult either. I have not taken any pictures with them yet, but I want to because it has been a dream of mine to have horses. The last time I had horses was when I was nine, so imagine the excitement I have every time I go to move the horses to a new grazing spot, or when I go to find them in the woods when they wander off.

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