Thursday, October 9, 2014


Hadassah Harper
Hey peeps!
Today I posted the first chapter (or introduction) of my new story Strong[Christian Fiction] and I am quite happy with my pace. My plan is to not post all the chapters at once [I have at least four or five chapters typed] and I want to finish the story before sharing the whole story. Then I will pace my posting so that I am not giving it all away at once.
You can click the above ad to go to the story.
On another note, I am currently working on those songs for Praises and Miracles
[Honor and Respect]
and on my own I think I am managing to have a melody for the first song. I will do my best to see if I can have a sample of how the song will sound, hopefully the melody will be as original as possible, seeing almost all melodies have been done. 
I have added one of my other YouTube links at the bottom. YouTube2 only has one video on it, but that is because I had made that video for a friend to use in church. However, you may go and check it out for future uploads, should there be any. :) And, yes, I know it says Myrtle, but hey that is what I want it to say.
YouTube3 is where I used to post my guitar covers, I only ever made three videos. That will be the channel I may possibly upload the songs for the story.
Well, that's a wrap!
Dios les bendiga!

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