Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Sneak Peek!

A Sneak Peek
So, I have decided to give you a sneak peek at one of my upcoming stories:
Scarred Hearts [Christian Romance]
This is a story that I discontinued around two years ago, due to the fact I could not go on when the story was getting off track. So I deleted it, but recently I pulled it out again and have been fixing it. 

Here is the sneak peek -

© 2011-14 Hadassah Harper
I was ten years old when my heart condition truly began to take effect in my everyday life. I was getting tired faster, I had more energy than a boy my age would normally have, and at times, my body would just pass out. Though I was able to channel my energy and use it to my advantage, it never lasted more than a couple hours. My parents thought it was just because I was growing, but when they finally decided to take me to the doctor, their perspective changed. My heart was bigger than it should have been for my age, and my body was not functioning properly. My parents did not know what to do. Going to the doctor was not something we did. However, they persisted and chose natural ways of managing my health. My twin brother, Matt, did not have to suffer as I did. By the time we got to high school, he could do anything he wanted and not worry about passing out. Me, on the other hand, though I was playing soccer at the top of my class, I had to be careful not to push myself more than I had too.
I loved soccer, it was a way for me to escape and not think about what was going on inside my chest. Playing soccer helped tone down the majority of the pain I would feel when I was sitting still. Sitting in class was difficult and my teachers often sent me to the nurse’s office often. Few students in school knew about my condition. My soccer team knew about it; this was the only way they could stop me when they saw me at my limit.
I rarely went to parties because of my condition. My parents knew that staying out late would only make it worse. If I were to do anything harmful to myself, who knows how long I would have lasted.
It was not until I had graduated that I knew my condition needed care. When I turned twenty-one, I convinced my parents to let me get a heart transplant. I did not know what the side effects would be, but it was a risk I was willing to take.


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